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Croptimal's service includes utilizing the presence of the mobile lab qualified staff to perform sample collection from the field being tested and at the same time to perform a visual survey to report anomalies where evident.


Croptimal's service solution is intentionally designed to perform a complete service autonomously. 
These innovations dramatically change the prevailing agricultural testing methodology and will allow a marked increase in crop yield with a seamless customer interface - no added burden for the farmer.


Full responsibility for sample collection and preparation - of water, plant tissue and soil extraction.

Testing - using multi-spectral spectroscopy and other non-spectroscopic technologies. 


Results - immediate and accurate.


Analysis - In-depth analysis compliant with industry specifications.


Recommendations - submitted automatically to the farmer/agronomist.

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א.ת רמת גבריאל, רחוב התקשורת 6

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