Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are Croptimal’s results?

Where does Croptimal provide its service?

Can Croptimal provide only a part of the service?

Can Croptimal provide 

phytopathology tests?

How much does Croptimal’s service cost?

What is the period for receiving test results?

Can Croptimal analyze fresh plant tissue?

Which environmental data does Croptimal provide?

What is the price Croptimal’s system?

Can Croptimal test and analyze every kind of crop?

Does the customer need to send/provide the samples?

Does Croptimal test nutrient content as well as heavy metals in all kind of fertilizer?

Can Croptimal analyze nutrients in water/liquid in hydroponic growing method?

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Ramat Gabriel Industrial Zone,

6 Hatikshoret St.

Migdal Haemek 2310901, Israel

א.ת רמת גבריאל, רחוב התקשורת 6

מגדל העמק, 2310901

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