Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are Croptimal’s results?

Compared to traditional laboratories our results are much more accurate with more than 90% certainty in all Croptimal's methods, which are validated and verified frequently.  Croptimal’s technology is particularly spectroscopic and non-destructive, which enable re-testing each sample as many times as needed.

Where does Croptimal provide its service?

Our international coverage will be based on local agents or franchises and we are in the process of setting up this network worldwide so that it can be activated during the second half of 2018. Our potential business partner should be an expert in its local agricultural practices, experienced in working with local farmers and agronomists and widely connected to the key crop growers.

Can Croptimal provide only a part of the service?

Croptimal provides full analysis results and the customer can use the results according to his needs.

Can Croptimal provide 

phytopathology tests?

At this point, Croptimal tests do not provide plant disease diagnostic services/phytopathology tests.

How much does Croptimal’s service cost?

Croptimal’s service cost depends on the crop, the testing intervals and the growing method and therefore there is no fixed price. In general, Croptimal is charging the customers per growing area size (Hectare/Acer).

What is the period for receiving test results?

Currently, the results which include elemental analysis and recommendations are being provided within 24 hours. In the near future, our goal is to provide results within 10 minutes. The results are provided via all mobile and e-mobile devices, by e-mail or app.

Can Croptimal analyze fresh plant tissue?

Croptimal can analyze fresh plant tissue as well as dry tissue. The highest correlation between Croptimal and traditional lab results achieved using dried plant tissue samples.

Which environmental data does Croptimal provide?

Croptimal provides environmental data such as – radiation, rainfall, temperature, humidity, soil temperature, wind speed and wind direction. Croptimal systems are implemented at site and data is uploaded to a cloud database with machine learning methodology that provides a dynamic growth protocol for optimization of the field.

What is the price Croptimal’s system?

Croptimal is operating as a service provider, therefore the system is not for sale. Croptimal is using the system and other technologies for its own testing.

Can Croptimal test and analyze every kind of crop?

Croptimal is able to test and analyze almost every crop in all growing methods.

Does the customer need to send/provide the samples?

Croptimal provides a full service hence, our team collects the samples, analyzes and provides results accompanied by conclusions and recommendations.

Does Croptimal test nutrient content as well as heavy metals in all kind of fertilizer?

Croptimal can analyze fertilizers manure, crude fertilizer, organic fertilizer, compost etc.

Can Croptimal analyze nutrients in water/liquid in hydroponic growing method?

Croptimal is in process of developing special automatic sensors which analyze irrigation water and solution flows in real time.