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Dear friends, potential customers, potential supplier and people that just have interest in our solution. We did our best to make it happen with no success until now. 

We are looking for investment that will enable us to continue this great project. Until we find it....the company is on "freeze" ---Hope to see you soon again and thank you for your support. If you have any idea contact me directly:

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Meet Croptimal
Croptimal is a unique service for performing real-time and accurate tests of plant tissue, soil and water in the field.
This novel and innovative technological solution reduce time-to-analysis from 10 days to 10-60 minutes, dramatically changing the prevailing agricultural testing methodology.
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Our Services


Croptimal’s disruptive solution is offered as a service to farmers and agronomists for

in-field testing of soil, water and plant tissue (crop analysis). This service is based on a novel mobile laboratory that automatically prepares samples and analyzes component material elements.

Our Technology

Integrated multi-spectral spectroscopy, electro- chemistry and other techniques.

Automated sample preparation process including field collection, drying, grinding and optional pelleting.



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Croptimal's team at Fruit Logistica China!

May 08, 2018

After a great Fruit Logistica exhibition in Berlin, Germany, Croptimal will participate at the Fruit Logistica Shanghai, China

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What our customers say

Croptimal suggested me a solution.

We used to do soil tests once a year, today with Croptimal’s service it’s faster and easier and I receive the results in 24 hours instead of two or three weeks.

I can surely say that this year with Croptimal, the crops look healthier. Today that I have the test results and all the data, my security level in the information and what we do is rising, and for me this is much more important than seeing any results in the field. This is something we as farmers didn’t have before.


Itzik Levy 

Kadesh Barnea, Israel

120 dunam - Cherry tomatoes